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So, You just Bought a Ceramic Knife

So, you just bought a ceramic knife, and the package said you won't need to sharpen it. Right?

Ceramic knives come from a tough material called zirconia, which is second only to diamonds in hardness. While ceramic knives can remain sharp for a long time, they are not exempt from eventually dulling with use. Here are some things to consider regarding sharpening ceramic knives:

Ceramic knives can stay sharp longer (with proper care): They can maintain their sharpness for a long time, often outlasting traditional steel knives. This is because ceramic is harder than steel, so it resists dulling from everyday kitchen tasks.

Professional sharpening: When a ceramic knife eventually becomes dull, it's essential to have it professionally sharpened. You can't use traditional sharpening steel or honing rods because they won't be effective on ceramic blades. Professional sharpening typically involves diamond wheels or specialized equipment designed for ceramic knives.

Careful handling: Keep your ceramic knife sharp on soft-cutting surfaces like wood or plastic cutting boards. Never cut on hard surfaces like glass or stone, as this can chip the ceramic blade.

Proper storage: Store your ceramic knife in a knife block or a blade guard to protect the edge and prevent accidental damage.

Maintenance: Regularly clean and dry your ceramic knife to prevent the buildup of food residue, which can dull the blade over time.

In summary, while ceramic knives stay sharp for longer than traditional steel knives, they do eventually require professional sharpening when they become dull. Proper care and maintenance can help prolong the sharpness of a ceramic knife and extend the time between professional sharpenings. Kevin works with ceramic and steel knives and can help you keep using these utensils for years.

Stay sharp!

-Noon Sharpening