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We Sharpen a Wide Variety of Items

Kitchen Tools

Knives, Serrated knives, food processor, mandolin and blender blades

Sewing Tools

Scissors, Pinking Shears

Woodworking Tools

Plane irons, chisels, scorps, inshaves, drawknives and others

Gardening Tools

Pruners, loppers, hedge clippers, lawnmower blades, axes, shovels, etc.

Salon Shears

Beveled, Convex or thinning

Paper Cutter Sharpening

Straight Razor Sharpening

Damaged Blade? We can fix that.

If you chip your blade like this...
damaged blade
I will fix it so it looks as good as new!
repaired blade


Quality sharpening services at a reasonable price.


$1.25 per inch

Serrated Knives

$1.75 per inch


$2.50 per inch

Pinking Shears


Straight Razors


Salon Shears


Beveled, Convex or Thinning



Manual Hedge Trimmers


Lawn Mower Blades


Other items

Please call or email us for pricing

About the Sharpener

Kevin Noon has been sharpening most of his life.  Taught as a young child by his father, he has continued to hone his skills over the years.

Kevin sharpens knives (including serrated), scissors (including pinking), gardening tools, cooking tools, woodworking tools, sewing tools, salon tools, paper cutters and more!

When he was laid off from his career in 2009. he decided to sharpen for the general public and pursued venues such as Farmers' Markets, groups and store fronts.  From those simple beginnings, Noon Sharpening, Inc. has grown to a very fulfilling career.  Kevin is one of the only full time sharpeners.

Kevin sharpens at the Heinen’s stores in both the Cleveland and Chicago areas, Local Roots Market and Café in Wooster, Hemly Hardware, Island Hardware and Kelleys Island General Store.  He also sharpens for schools, groups, businesses, and individuals.

Kevin utilizes a wide variety of methods to sharpen from bench stones to specialized sharpening systems.