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How to Store Kitchen Knives

Did you know your knives should never be stored loose in a drawer? Not only does it wear the blade, but it could also be a hazard for you or anyone reaching into the drawer.  Proper knife storage is essential to maintain the sharpness of your knives and ensure safety in the kitchen. Here are a few methods for storing sharp utensils:

1. Knife Block: A knife block is a traditional and convenient option. Knife blocks typically have slots of various sizes to hold different types of knives. Make sure the slots are large enough to accommodate your blades. Here is an example from Wusthof that has 25 knives.

2. Knife Roll or Knife Case: For those who need to transport their knives or have limited space, a knife roll or case is an excellent choice. These are especially useful for chefs and culinary students. They protect the blades and make them portable.

3. Knife docks or drawer trays: These in-drawer systems usually have slots of flexible food-safe dividers that allow you to store knives without being limited by typical pre-sized slots. They don’t damage the cutting edge and keep the blades contained for safety. See this example here.

3. Knife Guards or Blade Covers: When you pick up your sharp knives from Noon Sharpening, we have them packed in cardboard covers to keep the knives sharp and protected during travel. Cardboard guards are a cheap and easy option to preserve the blades and your fingers!  We also sell additional covers.

When storing knives, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Clean your knives before storing them to prevent food residue from causing corrosion.
  • Always dry your knives thoroughly before putting them away to prevent rust (yes, even stainless steel will rust).
  • Store knives away from other utensils to prevent damage to the blades and reduce the risk of accidents when reaching for them.

Make sure the storage method you choose fits your knives properly to avoid damaging the blade edges. Knives should always be kept out of the reach of children to ensure their safety.

Proper knife storage not only keeps your knives in good condition and extends the life of the utensil but also enhances kitchen safety!