Noon Sharpening, Inc.

  • Kitchen Tools - Knives, Serrated knives, food processor, mandolin and blender blades
  • Sewing Tools - Scissors, Pinking Shears
  • Woodworking Tools - Plane irons, chisels, scorps, inshaves, drawknives and others
  • Gardening Tools - Pruners, loppers, hedge clippers, lawnmower blades, axes, shovels, etc.
  • Salon Shears - Beveled, Convex or thinning
  • Paper Cutter Sharpening¬†
  • Straight Razor Sharpening
Sharpening Services
At Noon Sharpening, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

We sharpen a variety of items including: