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We sharpen all kinds of knives.  And yes, we sharpen serrated knives, too.
If you have dropped your knife and bent it, we can straighten it.  If you have broken a tip, we can re-tip your knife.  If you knife is shaped incorrectly, we can fix it.
We also sharpen blades (food processor, mandoline, blender and ulu).  If it's dull we can sharpen it!
We sharpen all scissors; from your smallest thread scissors to your pinking shears.  
We not only sharpen scissors but I take them apart and clean them, balance the action and reassemble.  We can also oil your scissors at your request.
​We sharpen plane irons, chisels, scorps, inshaves, drawknives, and others.  Contact us for more info.
Gardening Tools
We sharpen pruners, hedgeclippers, lawnmower blades (off the mower), axes, shovels, anything you use in the garden.  NOTE:  We do not do chain saws or electric hedge clippers.
Salon Shears and other items
We sharpen Salon Shears (beveled, convex or thinning).  We also sharpen manicure tools.
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