Noon Sharpening, Inc.

Are you retired?

NO!  This is my full time business to support myself, my wife and my dogs! 

Can't I sharpen at home with my steel?

A steel only straightens the edge, it does not sharpen it.  It is good to 
use your steel in between sharpenings. 

I was told I can cut on my granite countertop

Yes, you can, but I do not recommend it as it quickly dulls the knife.  Better cutting boards will be made of wood or plastic.

Do you use electricity to sharpen?

No, I do not use electricity to sharpen.  I use a foot powered treadle
with wheels made of aluminum oxide or I use bench stones.

Do you sharpen salon shears?

Yes, I do but not on the treadle.  Salon shears require a flat hone to sharpen correctly.

How long have you been sharpening?

I was taught to sharpen as a young child by my father.  I have been sharpening all my life.

What are your wheels made of?

My wheels are made in the USA of aluminum oxide.

                                                    Is it true that all of the items you use to sharpen are MADE IN AMERICA?


How often do I need to have my knives sharpened?

I recommend at least twice a year.  Professional chefs or those who use their knives a lot, more often.

Do you sharpen serrated knives?

Yes, I do.  They take longer to sharpen, so the cost to sharpen is
 different.  I charge $1.50 per inch to sharpen 

                                                                            Do you sharpen pinking shears?

                                                                            Yes! Under 6 inches are $15, and 6 to 12 inches are $20

What do you sharpen?

Cooking tools:
    Serrated Knives
    Blender Blades
    Food Processor Blades
    Mandolin Blades

                                                                Gardening tools:    
                                                                    Lawn mower blades
                                                                    Hedge trimmers (non-electric)
                                                                    Grass shears

Woodworking tools:
    Plane irons

                                                                Salon tools:
                                                                    Cuticle Nippers

Most items, if they were once sharp, I can resharpen them!