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Did you know that Kevin can fix most damaged/broken knives??

by Deborah Noon on 06/07/17

Did you drop your knife and break the tip?  Did you try to cut through a bone and chip the edge of your knife?  

Don't worry!

Bring your knives to Kevin and he can fix it!

Local Roots Market and Cafe in Wooster

by Deborah Noon on 05/26/17

Noon Sharpening is proud to be sharpening at Local Roots Market and Cafe in Wooster.  Come visit Kevin and watch him sharpen on a repurposed 1923 treadle.  

Stay for a wonderful lunch at the Cafe!

Cuisinart Food Processor Blade Recall

by Deborah Noon on 12/15/16

Do not use your Cuisinart Food Processor before you read the following link:

Using a Honing Steel

by Deborah Noon on 10/07/16

Many people confuse honing with sharpening.  When we sharpen a knife, we are removing material from the blade creating a brand-new razor sharp edge.  When you are honing your knife at home you are realigning the edge. 

We suggest the vertical grip to hone a knife.  Hold the handle of your steel and put the tip on your cutting board.  Place the heel of the knife (the part near the handle) against the steel at about at 15-20% angle.  Using only light pressure,  draw your knife down the entire length of the steel while moving your knife from heel to tip.  Do this about 8 times and then repeat on the other side of the knife.

What does Kevin do in his free time?

by Deborah Noon on 08/17/16

Although Kevin likes crossword puzzles and Sudoku, his free time is spent with his wife and two dogs.  

Our two dogs are named Sonny (a Corgi/Golden Retriever/Terrier) and Seamus (a Golden Retriever).  Sonny is 7 and Seamus is almost 16 months.

Kevin also enjoys spending time in our garden.  We grow heirloom tomatoes, garlic, herbs and flowers.  

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